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“By the Bog of Cats” at Theatre Banshee

On Saturday, November 2nd Theatre Banshee will open it’s doors to bring you BY THE BOG OF CATS by Marina Carr.  The play is a powerful and funny view into the life of a rural town in the Irish midlands.  It is a place where painfully real domestic life and otherworldly mysticism collide.  Spirits roam the marshes and prophecies ought not to be ignored.  It is a Celtic stab at MEDEA, with a tornado-like life all its own.  I play the man in the eye of the storm, Carthage Kilbride.

“haunting” – LA Times / “harrowing, satisfying theatre” – LA Weekly

“powerful” – LAist / “brilliant…quick, brutal drama” – LA Stage Times

Runs Friday through Sunday, November 2nd through December 8th.

For ticket information go here: www.theatrebanshee.org

To request a complimentary ticket, email me directly.

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